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Are you looking to build a world class employee rewards program? We hope this guide will save you hours of research, and allow you to purchase the right solution for your business!

With an experience of over 10 years in managing Incentive Programs both Offline and Online, you can be rest assured that you are working with highly professional and experiential team.

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An introduction to Reward Studio

Take care of sales. We will take care of the acknowledgement.

Time and again brands get drawn into complex program design, development and deployment in order to make Reward programs impactful. Reward Studio is the simplest and fastest way to engage all your key audiences and create the results you need. Our platform is easy to implement, use and manage.

At Reward Studio – Your Online Incentive Portal, we meet all the needs of the companies and customers who want to incentivize their stakeholders with the right perks to increase retention, employee engagement, and have amazing results for the culture of their organization. We’ve researched dozens of employee rewards solutions so that you don’t have to. We rely on the advice of unbiased HR experts to understand the hidden pitfalls you need to be aware of, the keys to a successful implementation, how to calculate ROI, and much more.

We are experience makers, passionate about building sales, recognition, event and reward programs that get outstanding results for brands. Having worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, our approach and think tank always work a better way to drive greater and expeditious impact.


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An essential part of running a successful business is motivating its stakeholders / employees and finding ways to make their incentives fall in line with the incentives of the company. Reward Studio plays a pivotal role in handling this. The portal can engage the entire community involved in Sales, right from Sales Team, Partners, Distributors, ISD/ISRs. The idea behind is crystal clear; to embolden the partners to continue selling & engage them in such a manner that they neither loose track nor interest.

What Can Reward Studio do for you?


Course decides the destination.

The finely designed portal limits the access to the authorized personnel only, thereby avoiding any room for opacity. It shares no space with duplicate entries, fudging, & unmerited points. A portal with 100% transparency and check points for Campaign Managers, Partners, Auditors, Finance Functions, and Redemption Deliveries.

People’s friendly portal, wherein once the account is created & registration process is fulfilled, partners are good to proceed. Upload the Sales & give some inevitable information which authenticates the sale. Post the authentication of documents, a point status email is received informing the partners whether their points are approved or rejected or still pending. All the updates are well reflected on the dashboard as well.


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Reward for All Taste

Your price. Your way.

An integrated hub to communicate, incentivise and recognise your Employees, Partners, Distributors and everyone important to your business. Reward Studio is a customizable, secure, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage technology platform to create and implement any kind of reward or incentive program.

Reward Studio helps you to exchange suitable gifts considering your target audience and therefore increasing the level of loyalty.

  • Cash back and discount coupons always help a brand to lure the stakeholders to give an edge over their previous success.
  • Give your stakeholders what they want from an E-commerce site. Let the highfliers decide their reward for the sales achieved.
  • Each milestone a stakeholder reaches, has a pre-fixed reward. Slab-based rewards is a pull factor calling for more & more sales.
  • Other Engaging options available for redemption


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